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With a background in pharmaceutical manufacturing and a passion for farming, Daniel Cox, the inventor of KAPSOL™, asked a simple question:

“Why couldn’t the consistency and versatility of pharma-grade gelatin capsules be used in the farming industry?”

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And with that question – and over fifteen years of research, testing and academic rigor culminating in U.S. Patent #US20200154644A1 – KAPSOL technology is now bringing new profitability and certainty to agriculture.  In so doing, this simple yet revolutionary vision can help address the fundamental challenges to agriculture in the 21st century: impending climate change, agricultural market globalization and food insecurity.

In short, greater certainty in an increasingly uncertain world.

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Recognizing and protecting the value of farmers and their land, and delivering a new measure of certainty to them with a genuinely affordable, adaptable solution, Klondike stands alone in its total focus on a proprietary technology innovation – the encapsulation of individual seeds with essential nutrients.

KAPSOL™ is the exclusive Intellectual Property of Klondike Agricultural Products, and protected under patent #US20200154644A1.